Monday, January 23, 2012

Where has all the comedy gone ?

774 interview with Jonathon Lyn today provided an opportunity to explore what's missing from our sense of humor . Lyn provided a few clues of merit . You need to be angry . With abcchurch and our culture stuck in the new morality of "anger is a sin" we are cultivating  depression .
Our heritage as Westerners was clearly not to make anger a sin  but to deal with anger in its various forms and drives ( true biodiversity) -- not to join the church chorus and  say its wrong .
Until there some reality threapy about these serious but diverse issues and  metanoia there will continue to be little to laugh about .
Interestingly interviewing Antony Jay would have added some clues of merit too .Clearly Laubey and he would add some clarity to  the boundaries of the paradox that currently constrains the newly religious.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The new opportunities presenting themselves to the info age are positive and challenging - esp for old control agents within the etsablishment ( see previous posts and here ) . New niches deserve exploring. McLullan must be turning in his grave.
Positives  1. Repetition with updates
abcnews24 provides news when you want it, but is not suitable for long term viewing because stories are repeated .
This limitation can be a good thing because people switch on and off to get what they want when they want it;the new bits can be like updates and because it does repeat ( we started doing 5 .minute repeats all day on community radio in the 1990's Otway FM when bushfires are on - ABC should think of doing the same with ABC3 in emergencies?)
2. ABC24  still has limits and still like other media is a bit paranoid about losing control . A better NEWS service MUST work with The NET and Communityy Radio --not against it
 The ABC can do things better in some areas ( emergencies) you heard it first on blogger .copyright EA jan2012

(The format of 24 provides a great new opportunity to tell stories too - ongoing stories. the little snippets of 6 houry updates on the trip to Antarctica make for very interesting reinforcement for the great old tradition of BOTH reporting and convos .More people great !

Our ABC have the opportunity to stop shortening reporting and over editorializing reports. more reporting and people is a way of diversifying their product ( competing with the internet and other media nd tablet types ) and making the ABC more credible and "eventful" .
the media have to date been able to get away with simplifying and editorializing in ways they will not in the future. esp with tweets and our recognition that the news service "don't know everything they just make us feel they do "
Great to hear reporters quoting tweets,fbook and including more people at the table. (abcthedrum ) More people at the table the more unpredictability and the more interesting . sure beats the frustration of old abcchurch congregational  singing.  

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SRE in schools

Insights program SBS on RE in schools tonight proved one thing very clearly: Many,  if not most  people,  are very passionate about religion . Australia must be a truly wonderful democratic place-- to think all that passion can be channeled into an agreed syllabus,  to be taught by the passionate .
On consensus then , it would be wrong surely for one religion to teach only one faith in the most common schools in the country . That would be to go back to Europe and Presettlement.
Noone wants that ( Most parents agree to let their kids do RE )-- except the aethists- its seems.  They want there own faith taught exclusively ( they flood the afters discussion with those thoughts )  .
Like most of us,  we can't always see clearly when we are passionate ! Best to put it down in writing and let the teachers test whether all that talk on the website meets a basic standard of sound rhetoric across the profession involved !

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Parliamentary committee makes news

RE Parliamentary committee spokesman says coastal areas which are now highly funded, will need more money and will suffer more damage . The runaway ocean sea level and , you guessed it , climate change is to blame.
In true post modern style, a force unknown or far enough away to avoid guilt to those here present, is again to blame. Apparently the problem of damage has nothing to do with how people are increasingly occupying land unsuited to development .

True believers give themselves away when they use just about every opportunity to preach. This news item was not news!!

Pride in the name of love ? Parliamentary committee makes history by making the news- maybe ?
And it really makes you wonder how much real news we get from independant reporters .
What was the news? In days past it would be the coastal damage ->now we are supposed to think the risk of damage is real news . Like its going to happen soon . Like the senators made a discovery or something . I mean something that a poly discovers is news? . Where was the news ? Its bull to nowhere noise from the growing cry wolf department -

No wonder the press are no longer credible !

Parliamentary committees have been waiting for years to get a gig on headlines - Now they make history by making the news

As one who spent 20yrs working on beach ridge processes to protect the foredunes in southern Australia ( Very vulnerable to sea level changes )its not overly obvious that any great change has occurred with massive burning of fossil fuels over the last century ).

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fear and censorship in the ABC

Never have I been so embarrased to be Australian, than when the ABC failed to report the news of the day: Obama's victory speech .

What are journos worried about ? The threat to the Secularist state?
" How do churchmen like Rudd and Obama get to run things??"" - doesn't make sense, or does it in a weird sort of "we know more than the public do" type of abcchurch sense.

A man's words are the best summary of himself - the best summary of America in a moment of great challenge -yet we never heard it . The ABCnewsmen couldn't bring themselves to report it in prime time - even as highlights. Maybe they are very constrained men, in need of some therapy and emotional discharge ? ( Men's group movie-)

Obama's words, and the emotion of the people in great crowds were the means for us to really understand ( rather than speculate on what the real America was on about yesterday) but ABC news refused to give prime time to them . It had, it seems, to reinforce their dangerously myopic view that emotions were taking over - our children never to see and understand that in this great powerful country there are people just like us - no - we can only see their cynicsm and dislike of all things dangerou----imposed on us like we are in church today .
(Obamas words may have been on earlier but 90minutes of prattle around those words is a disgrace .)

No wonder SBS is taking over the ABC's territory!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh for a job done well --- yes its SBS

SBS does it again 10th June 2008 5 stars !!
“Sick around the world ‘ shown Australia SBS TV 10th June 2008 Inspirational inspite of the challenges.
Where is australia going wrong? - slavish addition to a cringe mentality in regard to its own ability ?

The documentary on Mongolian family - wow what a night out . The voice and the violin ---how much good can we can do, if we put our minds to it !

Monday, February 18, 2008

The people of EAST timor speak

Luxlucis let the people speak. First class reporting on COMPASS 17th. Grace's team certainly know how to take the job seriously --by reporting people not reporters.

To survive the popularity drive - by ignoring it - (that wonderful MR AVERAGE on SBS on sat ) ABC management need to put diversity on screen an outsiders view - lots of people on the margins ,even in australia , like " mum" in TIMOR who only have enough rsources to feed and clothe a desperate loner .
Time the ABC stopped chasing heroes around like the commercials do and found more people with ideas and prxis that works -----at the margins. "gusmail" is adamant---- i didn't learn it by myself - that old man who was tortured showed me.